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In line with our covid-19 safety guidelines and protocols, 

all guests are required to leave all personal belongings in the designated bin from the time they shower until the end of the service.  Please avoid accessing your bin while in the cubicles to minimize risk of infection.  


1. Wear a mask over your nose and mouth in all common areas.  Masks are required when you are face-up, and optional (but preferred) when you are face down during your massage.

2. Compulsory Shower:  all clients are required to take a shower before their session. 

3. Temperature screening of all our guests and a self declaration of No sickness is MANDATORY.  If body temp reaches 38°C or above, we will kindly ask you to reschedule your appointment.


4.  Tips & Gratuities should only be given at the reception area.  For safety & sanitation purposes, our therapists are not authorized to receive/handle cash.  


5.  For out-call services, please prepare 2 newly laundered towels & Alcohol. Please check your building’s covd-19 policy on receiving guests & massage therapists

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