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Signature Collection

by The Urban Refuge

Urban Revitalization (90 mins) | 1,200 PHP

This technique is designed to promote general relaxation and well-being and sometimes for relief for symptoms associated with health conditions.  Our signature effleurage strokes are designed to promote circulation, improve blood pressure and other vital signs.  This combined with sensual strokes will help one achieve a sense of satisfaction and an atmosphere of serenity that will linger in your mind for a long time keeping you calm even after your session. 

Urban Therapeutic (90 mins) | 1,200 php

If you are experiencing chronic muscle pain especially on your neck, back and limbs,  your body is in need of therapy and our masseurs have been trained to target those aching muscles with deep-tissue therapy using slow but heavy strokes providing your muscle tissues with enough pressure to start the healing process. The session is combined with sensual massage to balance your mind and spirit as your body goes through therapy.  The session ends with a stretch sequence as your body awakens feeling healed and ready to take on new challenges.  

Urban Ultimate Bliss (90 mins) | 1,500 PHP

Our most prized signature sequence is defined by naturally intuitive touch with a skilled, firm therapeutic body work that loves to explore the rich aspects of your erotic being. 
The session is a euphoric combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Esalen, and Gentle Stretching, along with a playful curiosity to connect and expand your experience of pure eros towards stirring physical awakening.   
Most importantly, the tantric influence of this massage incorporates breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness elements.   It has a spiritual and energetic component, where your therapist helps to move your energy throughout your body to promote inner healing.


Urban Extreme (90 mins) | 2,200 PHP

Feel absolutely delighted and awakened in an extremely intimate bodywork that is both nurturing and invigorating. Our holistic body glide creates an atmosphere of physical and spiritual unity between the giver and the receiver, removing all inhibitions about your body and eventually giving one a renewed sense of self love. 

This type of massage helps to better control body sensations in order to obtain a greater performance at the level of sexuality. 

Body slide: Urban Extreme is both a manual and body approach. In other words, the massage is performed with the hands, but also with the whole body.   The primary goal is to accomplish the restoration of the psyche, body, and soul. 

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